Be Shameless

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You really need to be shameless.


Today, I’m going to share a concept I learnt from one guy called John Obidi.




I think I heard it from him in 2017 or thereabout.


What is shamelessness?


Shamelessness is the act of being brave (insensible to disgrace) to do what you are supposed to do in order to succeed in life and business.


You see, one of the greatest limitations for people is fear of what people will say.


This is because shame is attached to failure.


So, people tend not to do many things that would have made them successful because of shame.


Many of such people never get to be happy because they never get to set and achieve their desired goals.


Dear Friend, no matter what you do, people will always find something to say – either you fail or succeed at it.


For example, during my wedding, I decided to do something nobody has ever done. I decided that my wedding was going to be online and people will pay before joining the wedding.


The idea was new and I knew some people will talk but I continued.


The result?


We had donations worth over N200K from the website alone.


What gave me joy the most is that people read Our Love Story and got inspired.


Now, imagine I stopped because of what people will say?


Thomas Edison was shameless. He failed 9,999 times before inventing the light bulb.


Imagine he had given up.


Dear Friend, as we approach a new year, one core value you should uphold is shamelessness.


Be shameless to start writing that book.


Be shameless to approach that person that you love.


Be shameless to quit that hurtful abusive relationship.


Be shameless to start that business.


Be shameless to go back to school.


Be shameless to start that course.


Be shameless to start that blog.


Be shameless to promote your business.


Be shameless!


Your success is waiting for you and it needs you to shamelessly start now.


All the best.


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By Sola Mathew

Sola Mathew is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and digital marketing consultant. When he is not writing, podcasting or designing website, he enjoys Volunteering with NGOs.

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  1. Olaoye Olasunkanmi

    I agreed with you Mr Sola Mathew, because affiliate market is something you need to work hard and study the guidelines and understand the principal’s very well.

    Moreso, wait for your sucess, it may takes some times to achieve your aims.

    • Sola Mathew

      Thank you for reading, Olaoye.

      You’re right. Everything takes time. You learn before you earn.

      By the way, you just won a FREE Voucher for being the first person to drop a meaningful comment on this post.

      Please, my team will send you a follow up email so you can get your airtime voucher.

      Kind regards!

    • Hossana

      Good to be shameless but when capital is nothing but less then man might probably go with the shame

      May we be shameless to get the capital

      • Sola Mathew

        Yes, be shameless to get capital, too, Hossana.

        Thank you for reading.

        All the best.

  2. Ayodeji Odufowokan

    I agree with this post.

    I found the initiative about the wedding rather bold and daring… and the fact that there was value attached to it made it all the more intriguing. Its a nice innovation.

    I believe that’s an important aspect to being ‘shameless’, be ready to provide value.

    Kudos to you boss!

    • Sola Mathew


      I love the way you see and wrote it “an important aspect to being ‘shameless’, be ready to provide value.”.

      Thanks for sharing, Ayodeji.

  3. Julius ADEGUNNA

    Yorubas say Boldness now shamelessness, gives birth to wealth creation while shyness or fear of shame gives birth to indebtedness or losses. Opportunity once lost might never be regained.
    It is good to be shameless, it is better to try and fail than not trying at all. After first failure lessons must have been learnt and one can do it better next time out.
    As 2022 beckons, it is better to shamelessly dare new things to ride into greater horizons.

    • Sola Mathew

      These are amazing words, Julius.

      Thanks for sharing.


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