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Find PURPOSE in the Midst of Your Challenges


How would you feel if you share your story with someone and she says “I have been there before”? You are not alone. Each of us have one experience or the other we have gone through but we sometimes are afraid to share them because we might be condemned.

In this book, Sola Mathew shares his life story of struggles and victories, his pains and gains, his challenges and breakthroughs including a message he heard while in university that almost destroyed his academics. He tells the story in a simple way that you can relate with.

Sola Mathew added the stories of four of his friends including a blind young man who didn’t allow his disability to hold him back from succeeding. 

With this book, you’ll gain courage to share your story, learn the two ultimate things that shape our lives and how to live a happy life and more.

“This is a book every person seeking to discover a new sense of direction should read. You’ll be glad you did.”

I have carefully read this book for about 48 hours and I discovered that it is a life changing book. It will help young Nigerians to be focused on God and personal development. I want to commend the author for not mincing word at all in the book. It takes great courage to do this.
I hereby recommend this book to all Nigerians. Oshinubi Kayode

Lecturer, LASU Foundation and Associate Lecturer, Caleb Business School

I Have Been There Before” is an honest expository written in a simple to understand language in order to be a blessing. In his narrative, Mathew displays a heart of gratitude and his viewpoint learnt from various aspects of his life and from those he admires. It tells his story while dropping life nuggets that will bless you and enrich your journey. I recommend this book for those who are searching for purpose in the midst of serious challenges, it emphasises how God uses people to meet our needs even from the most unexpected sources. Blessings.
Rev Matthew Akinjide Daniel

Global Vision Coordinator , Flaming Sword Ministries

Sola Mathew brings a challenge to everyone out there that may have a tenable excuse to remain down. The book “I have been there before” unveils how anyone irrespective of background, culture or religion can walk through life with not just a sense of purpose, but arriving at the station called fulfillment in the midst of daunting obstacles. This is the impeccable dose for the push needed!

  Olufemi Ibitoye

Lead Consultant, Phevicplus; a faith-based writing consulting firm

In the pages of this book, Sola Mathew shares his story to encourage and enlighten the reader that no matter how out of hands things may get, as long as you are in God’s Hands all things will work together for good.

Drawing from the journey of His life so far and the journey of others, Sola shows us that we are not alone in our struggles and GOD is mighty enough to work all things together for good bringing along our ways the right people to help us reach the right places. We just need to learn to trust Him and apply ourselves 100 percent in whatever our hands find to do. Gbenga Samson

Convener, The Mind Gym

This book is not only an interesting one, due to the author’s unique style of writing, but also very practical and inspiring. In sharing his story with others, Sola relays life issues that his readers can easily relate to, and principles that are doable and will work for them in realizing their full potential. Excellent book! Ayotunde Awopetu

Founder, Facebook's most sensible online community, Sense Academy

After spending few hours reading this book, I can confidently say that it is the best I have read so far this year. It is insightful, inspiring and highly informative.

Sola, fondly called Cloud, has explicitly shared his life stories which I believe would spark you up to believing that the only barrier to your success in life is YOU!

Thank you, Sola for choosing to bless the world with this great piece. Olayemi Afolabi Emmanuel

President, The Troops Teens Ministry