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TEDx Talk: My Story, My Drive

TEDx Talk: My Story, My Drive

On the 9th of July, 2021, I delivered a TEDx talk on My Story, My Drive. This is the original script for the TEDx Talk at TEDxEKSU, Ekiti State University campus, Ado-Ekiti. I hope you read and it inspires you. Read on. I will like to begin with two stories: First, I...

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Sola Mathew has lived up to and beyond expectation of what his profile says. He brings out the best in his coachees, subtly pushing them till they attain a global standard of excellence. I am a living testimony to this.


Author & Agribusiness Consultant

Sola Mathew is the go-to expert when you need someone to take you by the hand and help you get your desired result. I respect him a lot. Work with him.



You have been a great motivation to me – inspiring me with all you do to reach out and dominate my world shamelessly, courageously, bravely. If there is anything like the daring-greatly-movement for African millennials, you’ll be a major stakeholder for such, a pace setter in exceptional exploit.

Tope Akintayo

Curator, Witsprouts Journal

My Business has been affected positively with your digital marketing strategy and skills. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I will recommend you (Sola Mathew) to anyone.

David Oluwabusayo

Software Developer

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When all seem shattered

When all seem shattered

There was something else I wanted to post today but I feel so strongly in my heart to share this this morning… Back then when I lost my mum in 2004, it seemed like my dreams and hopes were shattered. It seemed that all was gone. I was frustrated, lonely and abandoned!...

₦150,000 Sales in Less than a Week From Affiliate Marketing

₦150,000 Sales in Less than a Week From Affiliate Marketing

Adebayo made ₦150,000 From 3 Sales in Less than a Week from Affiliate Marketing When Adebayo, my friend, told me that he had to borrow money from his mum to start affiliate marketing business that I earlier introduced him to, I was skeptical. Maybe if he had told me...

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