#SDGs: Sola Mathew Honored by Ekiti Governor’s Wife

RECOGNISED AND HONORED AS SDGs SOCIAL MEDIA ADVOCATE (QUALITY EDUCATION CATEGORY) BY HER EXCELLENCY, ERELU BISI FAYEMI In 2014 while in university, God gave me a mandate to reach out to orphans and vulnerable children. I had nothing literally but I had to obey. That gave birth to Christian Charity Network – CCN. Our full […]

Using Digital Marketing to Build a Winning Brand

Today, I was invited by the leading MTN and Branding Consultant In Ekiti, Yomi Joshua, to speak on “Using Digital Marketing to Build a Winning Brand”. The event was organized as a way of giving back to the society. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Sir. I spoke on 3 key Areas of using digital […]

How to Build a Successful Business as a Woman

On the 18th of April, 2019, I was invited to speak to a group of women on WhatsApp on the topic; The Business Minded Woman: How To Build a Successful Business as a Woman. I was invited by Famuyide Adeola. It was really a nice time with the young ladies. I shared the article on […]

How To Position Yourself for Influence in African Leaders and Entrepreneurs Network

I wrote this article on the 3rd of April, 2018 and thought of sharing here. It’s about how you can grow your influence in African Leaders and Entrepreneurs Network (ALEN), a community I founded in 2018 that has now grown to about 3000 members and still counting. Even though this article is written for members […]

Prof. Ademiluyi Benson Oluwafemi: From Photography To Professorship

Today, I’m shining the light on someone I really respect a lot. Someone who rose from photography to professorship in the same university. I’m talking of no other person but Professor Ademiluyi Benson Oluwafemi of Ekiti State University. Prof. B. O. Ademiluyi delivered the 50th inaugural lecture in Ekiti State University on Tuesday, 19th of […]

Is Everyone in America Rich?

People do believe that America is a rich country and EVERYONE in America is living a rich and happy life. Is that true? Is everyone in America rich? This tends to shift people’s  gaze on those less privileged in the country. Even though I have always wondered the same, I didn’t say that, Mr Steven […]

My Speaking Engagement at New Jersey, USA

I’ve finally become an international speaker and author. This is me speaking at New Jersey, Mama! Yesterday, around 10PM Nigerian time, I travelled by the speed of light through Skype to speak to students (and Professors) of Warren County Community College of New Jersey, USA. The event is sponsored by the EOF – Education Opportunity […]