Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: How Ordinary Nigerians Are Cashing Out with Expertnaire in 2022

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If you have been looking for a way to earn money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, this is the best article you will ever come across. Perhaps, you have been searching for “Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria“, “Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing”, or “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria“, please search no further, this blog post is for you. 


In this article, you will learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing in Nigeria to start earning 5 to 7 figures online every month. I meant, how to make from 50K to 1M per Month.


WARNING: This post is not for the lazy readers. It’s a long but informative post on affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Ensure you read to the end.


Actually, this is a class on affiliate marketing in Nigeria that I held some times ago and I’m sharing the class note for the very first time publicly. You will find the class very interactive and easy to comprehend. In fact, I wrote the class as if I’m right there talking with you.


Oh, I see you agree with me…


Okay. Read on.


Congratulations on successfully making this class!


If you’re online, give me a KISS.


Thank you.


Why I said you should give me a KISS is because I love to KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE.


I’ll keep this report short and simple because I’ll still give you a unique link to learn more soonest! 


Plus, I don’t like wasting people’s time!


My name is Sola Mathew. I’m the best selling author of WhatsApp Sales Blueprint that is helping affiliates generate millions of sales every month. I love making money and empowering people to do the same.


Click the video above if you prefer watching the video presentation on Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria and How You Can Make Your First N1,000,000


BEFORE WE GO INTO THE AFFILIATE MARKETING CLASS, Let me quickly share my story with you…


I lost my dad and mum at ages 6 and 14 respectively.


Sola Mathew in 2017

This was me in 2017


Things were so difficult! I was so frustrated!


One night, while I was in the university, I had to pluck unripe mangoes to eat because I was hungry and couldn’t afford to buy food.


I felt like committing suicide. I felt like giving up.


Somehow, I didn’t just give up. I’ll love to call it God’s mercy and grace.


I managed to pass through secondary school and university with the help of God, some people and the skills I learnt. I wrote more on that in my amazing bestselling book, I Have Been There Before. You can get the book on Amazon.



Sola Mathew I Have Been There

This was me with two white people holding my book, I Have Been There Before.


I tried so many things which did not work including MMM.

To be candid, I made some money from those things but their models are not sustainable. You know why? 


They don’t have products to sell.


After graduation from university, I was posted to Taraba state, a Northern part of Nigeria, to serve under NYSC.

It was in Taraba state that my eyes opened to the secrets of selling and making money on WhatsApp…

Later in early 2020, I traveled from Ekiti to Lagos for a seminar organised by Toyin Omotoso. I remember paying N30,000 for the seminar. That’s aside my transport fare, accommodation and feeding. The seminar was on affiliate marketing. It was this seminar that changed the game for me.


After I registered for the affiliate marketing program, I realised many people were making use of email marketing to make sales. Even though that worked to some extent, it required some capital to start. For instance, you’d have to buy domain name and hosting and pay for the email marketing service.


I decided to find a NEW WAY!


I started my own affiliate marketing business with the secrets from WhatsApp that I’ve learnt while in Taraba and in less than 21 days, I had made over N250,000.


My life changed from someone who plucked unripe mangoes to eat when he was hungry to living a life of abundance and happiness.


Sola Mathew inside a plane

This was me in a plane traveling abroad to train people on digital skills


Toyin Omotoso had to reach out to me to share my secrets with other affiliates and that was how I wrote the WhatsApp Sales Blueprint. The book is now helping affiliates make millions of Naira every month.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to Taraba to unveil these secrets. At the end of this training, I will show you how to get the book and other juicy bonuses. 


In fact, some of you will have the opportunity of working with me to make your first 1 million Naira in 3 months. 


I have been there before! That’s why I’m here to help you.


So, let’s get started on Affiliate Marketing…


I would like to start this class with the story of one of my students, Esther.


The story of Esther is a story I always love to share because her story is similar to mine. 


Esther’s parents died in a motor accident. Thank God she (Esther) wasn’t on the bus.

Later, she was raped and got pregnant. She decided to give birth to the child despite not knowing the father.

She did different manual labour work just to take care of herself and her daughter…

I almost shed tears when Esther narrated her story to me… I had met her at an event I was invited to speak in Ekiti state. We exchanged contact.

Esther later saw how I shared about affiliate marketing business and testimonials of some affiliates and myself on my WhatsApp status. 

About 4 months ago, Esther decided to register for the affiliate marketing program. She told me she got the N50K course registration fee from the savings from her manual labour savings. 

Esther was added to my mentorship group (available for my students) and continued to implement all that she learnt from the affiliate marketing course.

I was happy to tears when she sent me a message one night that she has now made a commutative of 350K from the business.

Apart from the money Esther makes from affiliate marketing, she now works with a big company as their social media marketer on a part-time basis, leaving the hard labour work she was doing before. 

She learnt how to run ads from 72IG Program (the course on affiliate marketing I shared with her) and mentorship from me. 

At least, Esther is now empowered with skills to make money to take care of herself and daughter. 


I hope the story of Esther inspires you!


The story of Esther and many like her is one of the reasons I exist. 


Dear Friend, you see, people make money online every single day and this is not a deception anymore.


In fact, here are a few proof of what I am talking about:


Expertnaire affiliate marketing in Nigeria


Here is another one…


Expertnaire affiliate marketing in Nigeria



Take a look at the video I recorded when I made my first one million in 2020 with affiliate marketing below.


Back then in early 2020, if anyone had told me that I could make N200,000 per month online with affiliate marketing, I’d doubt it. 


That’s because I belonged to some affiliate marketing platforms and kept making peanuts.


My story has now changed with the affiliate marketing platform that I found out in 2020. I’ll share about that later.


Firstly, let’s look at what Affiliate Marketing is.


NOTE: Do You Prefer to Download This Post as a PDF So You Can Read Later? Click Here!

What is Affiliate Marketing?


According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


That might be too hard for you to comprehend. Let me simplify it.


Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing in which you’re paid a commission for each product that you sell through a link (Affiliate Link) that would be given to you by a business or company or individual.


Simply put, affiliate marketing is a process whereby you RECOMMEND high-valued digital products to people and get paid commissions (or money) when they buy.


I hope you’re following.




Let me use this as an illustration;


Let’s assume Bimbo has a business of selling cakes.


Bimbo has a friend called Bola who isn’t employed yet.


Bola comes to Bimbo for help but the only help Bimbo could offer Bola is to be helping her to sell her cakes.


Because Bimbo wants to help Bola, she tells Bola that on each cake she sells, she will get N1,000.


Each cake is priced at N5,000.


Now, if Bola sells 10 of that cake in a day, how much is her commission?


That’s right… You’re very intelligent!


Bola’s commission is N10,000.


In that scenario, Bola is an affiliate marketer with Bimbo.


The more Bola sells, the more money she makes.


It’s that easy.


Bola doesn’t need to go through the stress of making the cake or decorating it. Bimbo has done all the wahala for her.


But it’s a win-win.


Bola makes money, Bimbo also makes money. Both of them are happy.


Do you understand now?




The only difference is that the products we sell in affiliate marketing are digital products. They are not physical products.


Meaning, you don’t need to stress yourself with delivery or looking for a logistics company to deliver your goods.


You can sit at the corner of your room, a hotel, your office or travelling on the road and keep making money with affiliate marketing.


In fact, I love the fact that I could just wake up from bed and see that I have made money. Yes, you can make money while you sleep 😎.

What are some Affiliate Marketing platforms you can join and start earning money?

  • Jumia 
  • Konga 
  • Amazon 
  • WhoGoHost
  • Clickbank (don’t accept Nigerians)
  • And more


Actually, many websites or businesses offer affiliate marketing as one of their marketing and sales strategies.


When I started this class, I told you that I belong to some affiliate marketing platforms that were paying me peanuts right?


Some of them are Konga, Amazon, Whogohost and Smartweb Hosting.


I’m not saying these platforms don’t pay, but their commissions are waaaaay lower. 


To make enough money with them, you need to make MANY sales.


I remember I made around N3,000 with SmartWeb Hosting affiliate some time ago.


Later, I found out about an affiliate marketing platform that gives people a HUGE (very huge) sales commission. The interesting part is that they pay every Friday of the week! As in, to us, the month ends every Friday.


Do you want me to continue?


I hear you say “Yes” 😊




I’m talking about commissions of 40%, 50% and even 80% depending on the product and the owner of the product.


This platform is called Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing or simply put, Expertnaire. I first learnt about this platform in early 2020 from the creator and founder of the Expertnaire platform himself, Toyin Omotoso. He’s one of the top online business men in Nigeria. Even Hon. Akin Alabi and other top business gurus like and respect him.


In 2 months of learning and starting affiliate marketing with Expertnaire in 2020, I made half a million. I leave you to imagine what I would be earning now.


I’m not saying you’ll achieve the same result. Yours might be higher or lower than mine.


Your earning potential depends on many factors such as your skills and mentorship. I will show you to get the two later.


First of all, you need to understand that money is abundant, it is everywhere and you can make a lot of it.


You actually have to believe that you can make a lot of it. You need to believe that you are capable of generating 1 million in one month. Yes, you need to believe that!


This is because making money starts with the right mindset.


Let’s do simple money Maths:


One of the products on Expertnaire is YouTube Profits Blueprints.


It’s currently sold at is N30,000 and gives a commission of 40%. 


40% of N30,000 is N12,000.


Let’s say you sell 10 of that product. You’d have made 10 x 12,000 which is N120,000.


Now, imagine you sell 100 of that: 


That’s; 100 x 12,000 =  N1,200,000


Yeah, that’s over one million Naira.


Let me ask you: what will you do with N1,200,000 if you have it right now?



I’m serious.


Stop and think.


What will you do with N1,200,000 if you have it right now? (You can drop your answer in the comment section later.)


If you’re like me, you could use the money to invest in crypto, real estate or take care of your love ones. Actually, you can do anything but let it produce joy 😉.


And with the lessons (Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Copywriting, WhatsApp Marketing, etc) you will learn on how to sell using digital marketing, you can make much more than N1,000,000.

So, why do they give such a high affiliate marketing commission?


The answer is simple!


All the products on the platform are DIGITAL PRODUCTS and are created by Experts.


They only need to create these products once and we all make money with them — both the creators and the affiliates.

Examples of digital products on Expertnaire Through Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria:

Some people do ask me, “what are the products we sell on Expertnaire?” We only sell digital products on Expertnaire. The following some of the digital products we sell:

  • How to move to Canada, Australia and the UK
  • e-commerce domination course
  • How to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads 
  • How to Pass IELTS, 
  • How To Make Money as a Freelancer,
  • etc.


Guess what? You only need your Smartphone and WhatsApp to get started after you have registered.


I know the question in your mind is “How do you join or register for the wonderful affiliate marketing program?”

Here are the steps on how to register to begin Your Affiliate Marketing Journey:


The simple way to begin your affiliate marketing journey is to get the 72 Hour Income Generator Program (or 72IG Program) by Toyin Omotoso.


It’s a comprehensive course and program that will teach you the digital marketing skills you need to succeed as an affiliate.


In the 72IG program, you will learn the following:

  • Product and Market Research
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Email Marketing


Not Just that, you would be given the following bonuses:


  • A 1 year FREE affiliate Expertnaire account (Value – N10,000)
  • A done-for-you WhatsApp Income campaign for 3 hot selling products on Expertnaire to help you start making money as fast as possible. (Value – N150,000)
  • Twitter Money Blueprint which gives you tons of free organic traffic to your WhatsApp. (Value – N25,000)
  • and More


That is not all…


When you register today, I will add you to my mentorship group where you will learn how to make your first 1 million in 3 months.


How To Register for The 72IG Affiliate Marketing Program



Here Are a Few 72IG Testimonials for You To Watch


A lady… She Made 2 Million Naira in 3 Months.


Or this guy who made 10 Million Naira in Sales


Still here? Pascal, a full time student, crossed over 1 Million Naira in 4 Days.


How about Preye who made N1.3 Million Within 2 Months As a Youth Corper?

This lady sent me a message on Whatsapp. She just crossed over N750K with affiliate marketing.




72 IG Testimonials Toyin Omotoso Expertnaire


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials



72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials




72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials



72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials



Frequently Asked Questions from Previous Affiliate Marketing Class:

Will you coach me?


Yes! I have a personal mentorship group where I coach those who registered through me (I call them my special students).


Normally, my mentorship group costs 50k for those who are not my students but you will get it for FREE if you register today.


Actually, I’m the FIRST person to start making a huge amount using WhatsApp (You can see proof at, so be rest assured that you’re in good hands. I’ll coach you to become successful!

Is there Certificate for the 72IG Course?

See What Toyin Thinks About Certificate for the 72IG Course, LOL

72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing testimonials

Are the products on 72IG Program Legit?


Yes! It is super legit and real. It is NOT a scam. People like me have been sharing testimonials of how the 72IG program has helped their lives. 


How Much is The 72IG Whatsapp Income Generator Affiliate Marketing Course?


The 72IG Program is currently N62,500 but the price will increase to N75,000 any moment from now. The best is is to get it now and save N15,000.

What does the registration cover?


 A lot!!! Apart from my personal mentorship group, see what you will get from the program at

What other things can I learn from the program?


You will learn the following high-paying skills from the 72IG program:

  • Facebook & Instagram Skills
  • Copywriting
  • Web design and Landing Page Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Animation
  • Graphic Design 
  • and more

I don’t have audience on my WhatsApp. How will I make sales?


The program (plus my personal mentorship platform) will teach you how to get audience who will be mostly willing to buy from you.


Do You Still Have Questions on Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?


If you still have questions on affiliate marketing in Nigeria, please drop them in the comments section and I will do well to answer you ASAP.


If you’re ready to register now, click this link ( to send me a message on WhatsApp.


72 ig expertnaire affiliate marketing

By Sola Mathew

Sola Mathew is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and digital marketing consultant. When he is not writing, podcasting or designing website, he enjoys Volunteering with NGOs.

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  1. Adalumo Martins Olanrewaju

    Can I manage affiliate marketing with my profession as a builder in making?

    • Sola Mathew

      Hello, Adalumo.

      This all depends on how effective you’re about to manage your time. For example, I currently work 8am to 6pm and still make almost a million in the less 1 month.
      leaving the job by December, 2021) and I believe that would translate to more money.

      So, you see, it’s not really about the time, it’s about how desirous you’re to make money.

      I have some of my students who work 9-5 and still make huge amount with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

      Lastly, as a ‘builder in making’, the marketing lessons you will learn from the Expertnaire’s 72IG program + Whatsapp Income Generator will help you to market and sell more.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Bisola

    As a student studying marketing …..I want to know more about affiliate marketing and work with you in order to make money to help myself in school.. I will be so glad if my request can be honor… thanks sir

    • Sola Mathew

      Hi Bisola,

      That’s a good way to think.

      Click here to send me a message on WhatsApp to register.

      • Emmanuella Anyanwu

        Please i will like to be coach by you on affiliate marketing sir…

        • Sola Mathew

          No, problem, Emmanuella.

          Please, send me a message on WhatsApp.

        • Rachael Ifeoluwa uvwiosa

          Good evening sir, pls I am interested in affiliate marketing, I just hope I make sales, I am a teacher so I don’t know how I will create time for the training. How much is the training. I need your responses because 2022 must not be a waste for me.
          Thank you

          • Sola Mathew

            Ihe first question is “are you satisfied with your current financial life as a teacher?”

            If you are, that’s fine.

            If you are not, DO YOU HAVE A STRONG DESIRE TO MAKE MONEY?

            If you do, affiliate marketing is a kind of business you can do even with your current job.

            I used to work 8am to 6pm and I still made over a million naira with Expertnaire affiliate marketing. The 72IG Program helped me to make that amount.

            So, think about it.

            As to your second question:

            How much is the training

            The current price of the 72IG Program is N60,000.

            It’s increasing to N75,000 any time from now.

            Send me a message on WhatsApp Now if you are ready to register and join my mentorship.

  3. Damilola

    Good day, sir. I’m a marketing student and I have read about the affiliate marketing [article] and it’s really impressive. Please, sir, how can I join the 721G program.

    • Sola Mathew

      Hello, Damilola.

      Please, see my reply to Bisola.

  4. Adefisan Ajibola

    Thank you very kindly for the information. Not afraid of registering or implementing things I would be taught.

    My questions are;

    1. Can someone register and not make any dime?
    2. How much time will be needed per day to implement the things taught?

    • Sola Mathew

      You are welcome, Adefisan. Glad you found my blogpot on affiliate marketing in Nigeria useful.

      To your questions:

      1. “Can someone register and not make any dime?”

      Yes, it’s possible. If you register 72IG program and take NO ACTION on what you’d learn.

      2. “How much time will be needed per day to implement the things taught?”

      This totally depend on you. Some spend only 1 to 2 hours per day while others take it as a full business.

      Affiliate marketing is more of a lifestyle business. You do it the way it fits you best.

  5. Adefisan Ajibola

    ✅Having read the lecture one common expression is *implementing what they are being taught*. My question is it possible not to get anything or make any sales even after implementing?
    ✅How much time will be needed to be implementing this things to be taught daily
    ✅What is the advantage of *Expertnaire affiliate marketing* have over *CPA affiliate marketing* or any other?
    ✅As a fresh graduate concluding my service year next month, please can I be assured that I will not regret taking this huge risk?
    ✅Network and most importantly power supply in my area in Oyo state is epileptic. As getting my smartphone battery recharged everyday will be a necessity
    ✅After the payment of 60k. Pls will I have to pay any other money
    ✅In conclusion, From my own perspective, most of all the *Expertnaire products* are not really in demand. Hope sales will be easy?

    Thanks in anticipation for response

    • Sola Mathew

      Nice Questions, Adefisan. It shown that you went through my blogpost on Expertnaire affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

      Let me pick your questions one after the other and answer them.

      My question is it possible not to get anything or make any sales even after implementing?

      NO. Except your village people are doing you sha .

      How much time will be needed to be implementing this things to be taught daily?

      This depends on you. The business is more of a lifestyle business. Some people spend 1 to 2 hours and they make money. Some people have resigned their jobs and face it as a business. I used to have a job where I worked 8am to 6pm and I still made over N1,000,000 in a month with affiliate marketing.

      I like the idea of the fact that I can do it from any where in the world.

      What is the advantage of Expertnaire affiliate marketing have over CPA affiliate marketing or any other?

      You should probably Google that, LOL. Well, affiliate marketing is a type of CPA Affiliate Marketing. What I do know for sure is that Expertnaire is best for Nigerians at the moment as they have hot demanded digital products that Nigerians really want.

      As a fresh graduate concluding my service year next month, please can I be assured that I will not regret taking this huge risk?

      You might regret it if you don’t take action on what you’ll learn! Just make sure you implement what you’d be learning from the program. That’s the only way you won’t regret it.

      I know of Corps members who are making money with Expertnaire affiliate marketing… Someone even make money from designing websites for people after going through the course.

      Network and most importantly power supply in my area in Oyo state is epileptic. As getting my smartphone battery recharged everyday will be a necessity.

      In this age, if you don’t have network and phone battery, forget about online business. You need internet and your phone to be charged esle, how will customers reach you?

      After the payment of 60k. Please will I have to pay any other money?

      No, you are not paying any other money. However, you will be required to renew your Expertnaire account after 1 year with N10k. This N10k will be nothing to you when you’ve made millions.

      In conclusion, From my own perspective, most of all the *Expertnaire products* are not really in demand. Hope sales will be easy?

      This is a silly conclusion. If the products on Expertnaire are not in demand, who are then buying them or how are people making money?

      Will you say a product that teaches people how to relocate abroad is not in high demand, for example?

      In my experience, starting affiliate marketing is the best way to start online business in this digital age.

      Start today or wait till next year and wished you had started earlier.

  6. Lucy

    Thanks alot for this sir
    I really appreciate it❤️

  7. TecVase

    Expertnaire is a goldmine



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