INFLUENCER MARKETTING is going to play very big in 2021.

Why should you care?

If you haven’t started building your followership or influence online, this is the time to start.

Brands and companies would look for people who are already fulfilling the KLT Factor.

People who are known, liked and trusted by their followers.

Is that person you?

How do you begin to build your influence online?

Create a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and start sharing value thereby building followers.

Note that these things would require money at some points — for example, you would need to boost or promote your posts to reach more targeted people at some points of your journey to influence.

If you’re a professional, join some Facebook groups for professionals and start sharing helpful tips there. This is an example of Facebook group for professionals.

Or become more active on LinkedIn.

No matter how huge your audience on social media is, you must start building an email list.

Email marketing is still very much helpful and would help you in the short and especially, in the long term.

Start building influence for 2021 is the year of influence.

Those who are influencers are already reaping the fruits of their labour.

These things won’t come easy but they’re worth it at the end.

Which platform are you building your influence on already?

Which platform will you start with?

— Sola Mathew