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The Bible has been around for centuries. Hence, it has secrets for success in all spheres of life. 

Do you agree?

One of such secrets is for marketing. Precisely, in generating more leads.

My students and I have used these Bible verses to generate QUALITY leads (not just anyhow leads).

Here is one of the two Bible verses (can you guess the other one?):

“If you want to meet a great person, take a gift to him. Then it will be easy.”

Proverbs 18:16 (EASY)

Aside the fact that this secret can help you meet great people in real life (think of artists giving celebrities their art work), it can also help you generate more leads.

Here are 3 steps to how this can help you:

  • Think of your potential customer as a great person
  • Know what your potential customer wants (you don’t want to give a gift he won’t value)
  • Give him a FREE gift (we call this lead magnet or ‘ethical bride’)

Here is a good example: solamathew.com/aff 

Was this helpful? Can you guess the second Bible verse? Drop it in the comment section. I’ll let you know if you are correct 😊.