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Listen to Charity Connect Podcast, a podcast that connects Donors and Donees, NGOs and Volunteers and Publicizes Charity Works and Events.

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Affordable Web design Training in Ekiti

LEARN HOW TO BUILD A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE WITHOUT CODING IN EKITI Do you know that over 70 million websites are powered by WordPress? You can charge up to ₦70k, ₦100k, ₦300k and above building websites for people, businesses and organisations. Learn how to build a...
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Do you want to be RICH?

Do you want to be RICH? I bet your answer was a "YES!" Everyone wants to be rich. Me too. Now, have you heard of the 70/30 rule? No? I didn't too until I read a book this year by one Pastor Emmanuel. The rule is all about setting your finance into 70% and 30% ratio....
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My Favourite Song: Anchor by HillSong

One of my favourite songs while I was in the University was "Anchor" by HillSong. I first listened to the song in Rcf Eksu. You can download the song here. Everything about me changed with Anchor   That song changed EVERYTHING about my life. It revived my HOPE...
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Blog/Website Design

No need not to stress yourself anymore. Let me do the blog or website design for you while you concentrate more time doing your work.

Content Writing

When last did you update your blog or Website? Oh! You don’t have time… Let me write for you. Trust me, you don’t need pay much.

Public Speaking

This is just one of the things I know how to do and I love doing! You can Invite me to Speak at your Event, Seminar, Mentorship Class, Conference, etc.

“Everything You Need To Succeed Is In You.”

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