WhatsApp Sales Blueprint 2.0 Course

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Win up to ₦3,000,000 Reward as an Affiliate

It doesn’t matter how many people meet this challenge, we will reward them.

Sell 10 copies get ₦20,000 Reward

Sell 20 copies get ₦50,000 Reward

Sell 50 copies get ₦100,000 Reward

Sell 100 copies get ₦200,000 Reward

Sell 250 copies get ₦500,000 Reward

Sell 500 copies get ₦1,000,000 Reward

Sell 1,000 copies get ₦3,000,000 Reward

Please, note that you’ll only get rewarded for the biggest challenge you win.

For example, you win the 100 sales challenge, you’ll not be rewarded for the 50 sales challenge.

If you’re rewarded for the 50 sales challenge already, the difference would be removed when giving you the reward for the 100 sales challenge.

For example, you win the 1000 sales challenge but had earlier won the 500 sales challenge, you’d be rewarded with ₦3,000,000 - ₦1,000,000 = ₦2,000,000.

We are doing this so that your previous win can count towards your bigger win.

Real Stories, Real Impact: How This Formula Is Transforming Lives for Better

Precious Abodunrin

UX/UI Designer

"Raised My School Fees..."

In less than a month, I was able to raise my school fees from monetising my knowledge. Not only that, I have been able to create a system that still brings me money till date just from that course.

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Sola Mathew

He's the same guy that created the WhatsApp Sales Blueprint that helped affiliates generate millions on Expertnaire. Connect with him on X (or Twitter).

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