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Take a closer look at the book below. We wrote it specially for YOU and you will be getting it for FREE today. Simply read on to learn more...

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The Why...

We wrote a book (Our Love Story: Journey to Wedding and Forever) that keeps blessing people but we found out another problem...

After our wedding in 2021, we realised that there are a lot of things that we weren't told about marriage even by our counselors.

For example, how to disvirgin your wife without properly (without pain) and other related issues.

We decided that we are going to start a community that will educate, inspire solve the challenges that young people face in their marriages. 


The LAM Newsletter

What does LAM Newsletter mean? LAM is an acronym for Love and Marriage.

The LAM Newsletter is the most educative and inspiring love and marriage newsletter on the internet. 

What You Will Get In The LAM Newsletter

Here are the things you will get when you register to join The LAM Newsletter today!

A Gift:

Instant access to Our Love Story book. We have never shared this with anyone living on earth. It's super interesting! This book is valued at N5,000 but you will get it for FREE today.

LAM newsletters

The LAM Newsletters: This is the insider marriage and life "gists" we will be sharing with you. No one else does this better than us.

Here, we will keep sharing our before, during and after-wedding updates and lessons with you. 

We will also invite other successful marriage and life thought leaders to come share with you.

This is worth over N250,000 but you will get it for free today.

Wedding photos

Our Wedding photos are out! We will share specially Selected After-Wedding Photos with you.

Video Replays

Video replay of our wedding events. If you didn't get to attend our wedding, no problem. We will share a video replay with you.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers and Gifts on Our-Life-After wedding products and services. We bet you don’t want to miss this.

Hall of honour 

We will add your name to the names of other great people who have donated on our special Hall of Honour public page. We will ensure that our children, great grand children and generations to come see your name and honours it.


Yes, we have decided to do this for free since it’s our special day.

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Maybe the right question should be “why not donate?”

If you're going to get all of the benefits we listed above, it would cost you nothing less than N250,000.

More so, we need only serious and committed people in our newsletter. 

So, your donation is an indication of how serious and valuable you believe our newsletter is.  

Aside that, your donation will help us to maintain the newsletter website and platform and keep sharing these transforming marriage and life lessons with as many as possible.

Guess what? You can donate any amount you want but if God is laying in your heart to donate millions, why not :)


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Frequently asked questions

Where is the wedding taking place?

The wedding will take place on YouTube. This is to ensure you have the best watching experience.

Your private live-streaming link would be sent to you via the email you provided.

This link would only be available to people who donated.

What is the date and time of the wedding?

The date of the wedding is 4th of December, 2021. Engagement starts by 9am, followed by wedding reception immediately.

What if I don't have time to attend live?

No worries! We know life happens! If you don't attend, we will send you the recording.

How can we donate?

Simply click on the donate button to donate. You would be redirected to a PayStack secured payment gateway to make your donation.

How can I donate outside Nigeria (international donations)?

If you're outside Nigeria, please donate using the details below (After donating, please send your proof of donation to [email protected] or +2348139244243 on WhatsApp to get access to your FREE copy of our love story book)

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After donation, please send your donation proof (e.g screenshot) to [email protected] or +2348139244243 on WhatsApp to get access to your FREE copy of our love story book.

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