One of my favourite songs while I was in the University was “Anchor” by HillSong. I first listened to the song in Rcf Eksu. You can download the song here.

Everything about me changed with Anchor


That song changed EVERYTHING about my life. It revived my HOPE and helped me realised that my HOPE is IN God.

It’s true that man can help you BUT only when God approves it.

I had once written of how I couldn’t get food to eat one day in school and I had to pluck UNRIPE MANGOES to eat one NIGHT. That was when I was in 200L.

At a time, my GP was suffering and I even FAILED a 1 Unit course. I can’t still forget the day my level coordinator called out the results in class. I had almost LOST HOPE of graduating with at least, a 2:1

There were days I would work on a PC far into the nights and I would have test the following day. I had to do the work because I needed the money badly. Those computer engineering jobs helped me while in school.

It wasn’t easy though…

I was already GIVING UP when I heard the “Anchor” song.

I love the part of the song that says

“There is hope in the promise of the cross,
You gave EVERYTHING to save the world You love…”

Imagine, God gave EVERYTHING to save you. What an amazing grace!

I eventually graduated from University with a 2:1.

Today, I am almost done with NYSC and I’d soon be out there wining as always because ALL my HOPE is in GOD.

There is HOPE for you.


It’s not over until it’s over.

What is it you are struggling with and you’re already considering giving up? Don’t give up. There is HOPE for you.

Before the end of this year, you can still launch your dreamed business.

You can still own that land.

You can still own that house.

You can still own that car.

You can still marry.

You can still publish that book.

You can still start that podcast.

You can still lunch that website/blog.

You can still… (fill in the gap).

As my Yorùbá people would say “Tí èmi bá sì wà, ìrètí mbẹ” (Translation: if there is life, there is hope.)

Don’t give up! There is HOPE for you.


Over to you. What song has transformed your life? Share with us in the comments section below.