How to  be richDo you want to be RICH?

I bet your answer was a “YES!”

Everyone wants to be rich. Me too.

Now, have you heard of the 70/30 rule?


I didn’t too until I read a book this year by one Pastor Emmanuel.

The rule is all about setting your finance into 70% and 30% ratio.

70% of your income for expenses such as house rent, purchase of gadgets, recharge cards, food, electric bills, etc.

30% for savings, tithe/charity and personal development.

Let me break it down as he did:

30% right?

Okay, Let’s divide it into 3. That’s 10, 10, 10.

10% goes to your savings. This could be to a dedicated bank account or further investment. By the way, if you don’t have a bank account, please go and open one.

10% goes to tithe. For those who don’t believe in tithe, no argument. You can do charity with it. Just make sure that part of your money is going back to your Maker.

10% goes to your personal development. This could be investment in books, seminars, conferences, etc

With this rule, you should never be broke again.

Just ensure that you don’t spend beyond your budget, delay gratification and so on.

This rule also applies to students.

When you track your income and expenses (I’ll talk about that later), you’d see that you’re actually rich.

Have you applied this rule or similar rule before? Please, share with me, I’ll love to learn.